Q & A


  1. The machine can not start
    • Please check out the power if machine do not work.Turn off the power and check the fuse
    • Release the emergency stop button
    • Check whether the switching power supply has DC24V power output
    • Check whether the touch screen and PLC communication line are loose
  2. The machine filling volume is not accurate
    • Check the feeding system of the equipment
    • Clean the pipe and check if there is any debris in the material
    • Replace the pneumatic valve seal of the device, check the trachea for leaks, or replace the pneumatic valve
    • Clean the solenoid valve or replace it
    • Adjust ball valve to reduce impact and increase depth
    • Adjust the magnetic switch of injection cylinder
  3. Material can not come out
    • Check whether the feed nozzle is closed and power supply is normal
    • Check the air pressure is normal, injection cylinder and cylinder is leak
    • The material reaches the minimum and not enough to fill the container
  4. Leakage of liquid filling machine
    • Tighten the feed nozzle and replace the sealing gasket
    • Replace the feeding tube
    • Clean the pneumatic valve and replace the pneumatic valve seal pad
    • Replace the injection cylinder seal ring
  5. Quantitative filling machine scale body cleaning and precautions
    • Quantitative filling machine scale body in the clean to cut off the power, unplug the power cord. Soak the gauze and then wring dry, and then dipped in a little neutral cleaning fluid, with its cleaning pan, display filters and other parts
    • When cleaning the scale body of the filling machine, do not use any chemical solvent for cleaning. During the cleaning process, it is necessary to avoid splashing water into the scale body. If you accidentally spill into the scale body, you must wait for the water to dry Power on, otherwise it may cause an electric shock or damage to the device